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“When am I ever going to use this?” Or “Am I ever going to use this in real-life?” Instead of answering these questions about your math curriculum, allow PBL to let your students discover the answer for themselves. PBL in the Math Classroom, as well as Telannia, have helped me tremendously to turn my 6th grade class into a land of discovery & excitement.

Stephanie Murray

6th grade math, MS STEM Director. Bethel Middle School

Project Based Learning in the Math Classroom is one of the best resource compilations of authentic, comprehensive math PBLs available. I appreciate the concrete, ready-to-implement unit examples, as well as the tips on how to design your own PBL units or inquiry tasks. New to PBL implementation? Don’t worry—there’s a section for you, too!

Tracy Matthews

Advanced Learning Programs, Consultant K-12, Cobb Schools

Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom has been an instrumental book in our district’s transition to PBL. Well written, with projects grounded in student engagement, Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom is a must-have for understanding what PBL looks like, and how we can evolve our educational practices.

Graeme Crowther

Mathematics Curriculum Facilitator, Concord High School