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Project-based learning is a valuable structure to learn meaningful content. It is a model used in many schools but teachers often struggle to use it in a math context. This site is designed to support teachers with implementing projects or tasks with math as the center focus of the project. Some of the resources provided on this site include strategies, tasks/projects and webinars. Let’s explain what you will find here!

Webinars/Video Support

We understand implementing PBL is hard even outside of math being the main context. Every quarter, we will host a free webinar where we share our lessons learned with implementing PBL. Our first webinar will be Thursday, April 28 at 7 pm CST. It will be about how to end the year strong by sharing some tasks and projects that are great for all grade levels. In addition to the free webinars, we will have short videos for members that address common challenge areas. We understand time is limited so the videos will be no longer than 10 minutes many of which are 5 minutes or less. Some of the videos include selecting the right math standards for projects or how to teach math concepts other than lecturing.


High quality project-based learning is hard. It is because most of us did not experience learning this way. It is hard to do what you have never experienced. As a result, we have a mixture of free and paid tasks and projects to get you started (add links to both pages). Some of the tasks and projects are from our book. Although you do not need to purchase the book, it will help you have a better picture of how to implement the task or project.


The key to successfully implementing projects is to using strategies that support student-centered learning. We often share in our trainings that projects are just great teaching practices put together. Many of the strategies you already use in your classes can be used in projects. However, there are some strategies that are not commonly used and must be implemented properly for projects to work. We offer some free and paid strategy guides to help you implement projects successfully.

Supportive Blog Posts

We know you get slammed with information but you need timely help with this process. As a result, every two weeks we will send you a quick blog post that helps you with project implementation. We will try to keep the post to a less than 5 minute read because we know you don’t have a lot of time.


We created this to help math teachers like us. As a result, we want to meet your needs and are willing to evolve this site based upon your feedback. Please comment below with what you would like to see on the site.

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